About Us

The dense dark forests of Dooars never fails to cast a spell on its onlookers and we give our guests a chance to explore the most untouched destinations of Dooars where Rhinos and Elephants still roam free. We at Travel Monk have explored every corner of Dooars and our local contacts in the remotest areas help our guests to take some of the activities which others cannot arrange. We can take our guests for a night safari criss-crossing the dense jungles, we drive across the dried river beds of Raimatang and our guests can help in harvesting strawberries in Samsing. We have designed our Dooars Package Tours to charm our guests with an awe and adventure in every turn.

Apart from watching the Indian Rhino’s mud bath, the leopards taking a siesta on the branches and Indian bisons and elephants sharing waterholes in turns, you can go bird watching, butterflying, and bug watching with us. Our accommodations range from star-rated resorts to village home stays where you get a chance to stay with a family and learn the traditions and culture of the forest people. For the adventure seekers, we arrange for treks to villages tucked within the deep forests and for the photography enthusiast, we arrange for early morning trips to watchtowers beside rivers from where you can catch the mist and sun play their games over the lush jungles.

Every year we take thousands of guests to various untouched parts of Sikkim, West Bengal and their neighboring states to discover some of the most uncharted areas where tourists have somehow forgotten to step. Our team in Dooars comprises the best local guides, wildlife activists and surely the best drivers and spotters. If you can still hear the jungle calling you in dreams, then its time to visit Dooars.