Jayanti is a river-side forest village of the Buxa Tiger Reserve of the Dooars region of West Bengal, India. It is often called the “Queen of Dooars”, with the Jayanti River flowing like a precious necklace. Jayanti is located in Jalpaiguri district of North Bengal. This forest village is approximately 30 kms from Alipurduar.

Jayanti River also forms the natural border of India with Bhutan. Even if it is somewhat dry during the summers, its sandy, white bed dotted with rocks and pebbles have a charm of its own. Apart from its natural beauty, Jayanti is also home to many elephants, spotted deers, peacocks and butterflies.


Things to do in Jayanti

The most popular activity here is a visit to the Buxa Tiger Reserve. You can also take a bath in the Joyanti River or one of its rivulets. You can enjoy the sunbath, while wetting your feet for hours in the river streams.

If you visit during the Hindu festival of Shivaratri, you can enjoy a large fair held at this time. You can brush shoulders with the locals and get to know about their life and culture.

Another exciting activity only for adventurous is a 8 km trek via the Jayanti river to Mahakal Dham. Here you will find the great Mahakal caves that is famous for lime stone formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Another picturesque trek covers Jayanti Mahakal – Kanglung – Lepcha – Buxa. However, arrangements for such treks should be done before. The Buxa Fort trek is another exciting activity. The trek passes through 5 kms of dense woody hills. The trek starts from Santhlabari (914 feet) and is a visual treat all the way.


Jayanti Sightseeing

There are many things to see in and around Jayanti including the Buxa Fort located on the 2600 feet high Buxa Hill. The Buxa Fort has served as prison for many Indian freedom fighters during the British rule in India and after independence, it served as a refugee camp for Tibetans and Bangladeshis. A nearby Pokhri is a holy pond on the Pokhri hilltop which is a place of religious worship for the Bhutanese and other natives of the area. It is 4 kms from Jayonti. To visit this pond, you have to partly trek through hills and forests and partly via unused roads, adding to the thrill and scenic beauty of the journey.

Better not to touch its water with your feet, as the locals do not do so since it is a holy spot. The pond is also home to a large number of big-sized Magur and Turtle fish. The Mahakal cave is a popular Hindu pilgrimage spot, near Bhutan border. Lord Shiva is worshipped in this cave. To reach Mahakal cave one has to take a idyllic nature trek through dense, hilly forests for around one-and-a-half hour.


How to reach Jayanti

The nearest airport is Bagdogra in Siliguri (around 195 kms.) and the nearest Railway Station is New Alipurduar. Jayanti is about 30 km from Alipurduar and boasts of good roadways. The route is from Cooch Behar or Jaldapara or even Siliguri through Rajabhatkhawa.


Best time to visit Jayanti

You can visit Jayanti anytime of the year. The dark rolling clouds over the lush mountains and riverbeds in the horizon in monsoons are a treat to the eyes. The winters are nice for the sunshine and birds and butterflies.


Accommodation at Jayanti

LOCATION: Beside River Jayanti

FACILITIES: Parking, Solar inverter, Campfire arrangement, Driver’s accommodation, Attached western bathroom, Geyser, Balcony.

ROOM TYPES: Double Bed, Four Bed.

LOCATION: Beside River Jayanti

FACILITIES: Parking, Solar inverter, Campfire arrangement, Driver’s accommodation, Attached western bathroom, Geyser, Balcony, TV in common area, Dining hall.

ROOM TYPES: Double Bed, Four Bed.


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