A meandering tributary of Torsha River separates the core area of the Jaldapara Forest from Natunpara. A watchtower-type accommodation located in one of the most secluded spots of Natunpara overlooking the Sisamara River and the dense forest is the only accommodation of Notunpara. If you have always dreamt of spending a night in a “machaan” like Jim Corbett, then staying at Natunpara’s watchtower accommodation would not disappoint you. Decked with all modern amenities, the two rooms of this accommodation offer a spectacular panoramic view of Jaldapara forest and the river.


Things to do in Natunpara

Watch the forest and river unfold their mysteries from your couch in the watchtower’s viewing deck. Also, take a walk on the banks of the river and keep a vigil on the forests on the other side of the river to catch a glimpse of wild elephants and solitary rhinos taking a dip. From Natun para, jeep safaris and elephant safaris can be arranged within Jaldapara Reserve Forest through Salkumar Gate. If you are a bird watcher, then Notunpara could be very rewarding. You can also take a village walk in early mornings and enjoy some fishing on the river.


Natunpara Sightseeing

There are numerous sightseeing options in Notunpara but the most coveted one is a visit to Jaldapara Forest. Jeep safaris and Elephant safaris are available from Salkumar Gate as well as Madarihaat Gate of Jaldapara Forest. Salkumar Gate is nearer to Natun para and early morning safaris from Salkumar Gate would take you to the Holong and other watch towers before anyone from Madarihat reaches, so staying at Salkumar or Notunpara is more rewarding in terms of wildlife viewing. You can also visit the nearby Khayerbari Leopard Rescue Center and other surrounding forests like Chilapata from Natun para.


How to reach Natunpara

The nearest railway station to Natunpara is Falakata but you can also avail trains to Hasimara Railway Station and New Alipurduar. Pick-up services to Natuna para are available from these stations. National Highway NH 31 is around 15 kms from Natuna para, so guests coming from other parts of Dooars can easily reach Notunpara by car.


Best time to visit Natunpara

You can visit Natunpara anytime of the year but Jaldapara Forest stays closed from mid June to mid September every year.


Resort accommodation at Natunpara

LOCATION: Beside River and forest water hole

FACILITIES: Garden, Watch tower, Parking, Campfire arrangement, Driver’s accommodation, Attached western bathroom, Geyser, Emergency light, Balcony.

ROOM TYPES: Double Bed rooms.


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