Raimatang is a small forest village on the fringes of the Buxa Tiger Reserve surrounded by towering lush hills of Bhutan. Its beauty lies in its mix of forests, hills, rivers and tea gardens. Moreover, it is on the western side of Sinchula hills that adds to its solitude. This makes it a perfect getaway for people who love nature, wildlife, and want to escape from the din of city life.

It is located in Western Buxa in the Dooars region of the northern part of West Bengal, India. It is around 48 kms from Alipurduar city. You should visit this place only if you are lover of nature.

To reach Raimatang, you would have to cross the river bed of Raimatang River. You will also get to see elephants in the forest near the village and an abundance of colorful butterflies. Sometimes on the river bed or in the forest you can see innumerable butterflies assembled together. A visual treat indeed!

Raimatang has only recently developed as a tourist spot, so amenities here are basic. You can find lodging in small eco-resorts in the village with basic food and facilities.


Things to do at Raimatang

This forest village is the ideal place for people looking for some quietude in the lap of nature. This is not a place full of activities, it is a place to rest and relax.

Yet like any forest area, trekking is an option. The only trek here is from Raimatang to Aadma and Chunabhati. It is a trek of around 20 kms and involves an overnight stopover at Chunabhati.

You can also take a jungle safari with a guide through the dense part of Buxa Tiger Reserve, to get the best out of the wild life here.


Things to see at Raimatang

The watchtower here offers great views of the surrounding Buxa Forest and occasional glimpses of wildlife. You can also take a nature walk on the Raimatang river bed.


How to reach Raimatang

Raimatang is in Jalpaiguri district. You can take a bus to this village from Kalchini. From Kalchini, you can take a private vehicle to reach the village. You can also take a bus from Alipurduar.


Best time to visit Raimatang

Raimatang is cut off during the monsoons, usually mid-June to mid-September as there are no bridges on the River and mostly the river water flows much above the suitable level.

However, Raimatang can be reached the other nine months of the year and it is truly the last few destinations in the Dooars region, where you can still witness wildlife in their natural habitat.


Accommodation at Raimatang

LOCATION: Beside Forest (near waterbody)

FACILITIES: Lawn, Gazebo, Parking, Generator, Campfire arrangement, Driver’s accommodation, Attached western bathroom, Hot water arrangement, Balcony.

ROOM TYPES: Double Bed.

LOCATION: Beside Forest resthouse

FACILITIES: Lawn, Gazebo, Parking, Campfire arrangement, Driver’s accommodation, Attached western bathroom, Hot water arrangements, Balcony.

ROOM TYPES: Triple Bed.


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